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Welcome to the “Work with us” e-Ceramica group section.

We are continuously searching for local agents or salesmen. Both private individuals and companies are eligible.

The only requirement is that you drive sales.


Commercial conditions for all

Incoterms: EXW

Payment terms: Bank transfer before loading.

Minimum order per each producer is 250 €.

You can work from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that you drive sales.

We will give you net prices and the DIP (difference in price from Net and PVP public price) with which you will sell our product is yours. If you can accept the challenge please take a look at our catalog or any product from  or any product from any catalog and send us a request for net prices.


Exclusivity for product

Order at least one pallet of this product per month and you will receive exclusivity for this product in your country.

On the page for this product for your country, we will add your contact information (contact person, e-mail, public price … so whoever is interested can contact you directly.


Exclusivity for the city

– Order and buy a sample (or samples) that you want to have in your shop.
– Samples will be delivered to you.

What do you get:

– We will publish information about your shop, yourself and all the samples you hold on our website.

– You will receive access to net prices for all products from our website.

– We will direct all customers from our website to you. You have exclusivity for servicing all customers in your city.

You keep this exclusively for the city as long as you buy something from us every month.


Exclusivity for the country

Order at least one 24 ton container per month (any mix of products)

This is the same for all the countries except ones who are presented on

Any country that does not yet have a flag on our website is available for a Country manager with exclusivity role. As long as you order 1 container or full truck per month.


Social networks

Achieve sales online through any social network and the DIP (difference in price) is yours.


E-Ceramica ambassador

Expand our sales network by searching professionals for any of the roles above. Your payment will be done based on the turnover they make.


The application form is on link

Send us your Application form on Contact mail.

Work with us – Together we are stronger

SKU: 6266

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